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JPshikenが提供した研修ツールはHAADのHAAD-RN認証資格の認定試験に向けて学習資料やシミュレーション訓練宿題で、重要なのは試験に近い練習問題と解答を提供いたします。JPshiken を選ばれば短時間にITの知識を身につけることができて、高い点数をとられます。



試験科目:HAAD Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
問題と解答:全150問 HAAD-RN 復習過去問

>> HAAD-RN 復習過去問


NO.1 A patient is to receive 2.5mg of morphine sulfate. The ampoule contains l000mcg/mL. How
much morphine should the nurse administer?
A. 1 ml
B. 0.25 ml
C. 1.5 ml
D. 2.5 ml
Answer: D

HAAD-RNサンプル   HAAD-RN試験番号   

NO.2 A newborn is diagnosed with ventricular septal defect. The baby is discharged with a
prescription for digoxin syrup 20 micrograms bid. The bottle of digoxin is labeled as 0.05 mg/ml. The
nurse should teach the mother to administer on each dose:
A. 0.4 ml
B. 0.1 ml
C. 0.8 ml
D. 0.2 ml
Answer: A


NO.3 A patient who has just had a miscarriage at 8 weeks of gestation is admitted to hospital. In
caring for this patient, the nurse should be alert for signs of:
A. Dehydration
B. Hypertension
C. Subinvolution
D. Hemorrhage
Answer: D

HAAD-RNガイド   HAAD-RN更新版   

NO.4 A patient presents to the emergency department with diminished and thready pulses,
hypotension and an increased pulse rate. The patient reports weight loss, lethargy, and decreased
urine output. The lab work reveals increased urine specific gravity. The nurse should suspect:
A. Dehydration
B. Pneumonia
C. Sepsis
D. Renal failure
Answer: A

HAAD-RN最新   HAAD-RN答案   

JPshikenは最新の300-101問題集と高品質のC-TPLM22-64問題と回答を提供します。JPshikenのHAT-420 VCEテストエンジンとP_ADMSEC_731試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質のC-TBW55-73 PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。